Evolon provides organizations and security professionals a complete and tailorable system for improving video surveillance performance and preventive measures. Only Evolon pairs reliable threat and object detection on the front end with real-time object classification and event verification to strengthen situational awareness and business intelligence. From Edge to the Cloud, Evolon offers the right combinations of tools and capabilities to optimize accuracy, enable flexibility, and unlock efficiencies.

Evolon Edge™

Created specifically for Axis cameras, Evolon Edge™ provides edge-based, real-time situational awareness at mission-critical sites, which ensures accuracy and reliable detection with fewer false alarms for security personnel.

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Evolon Enterprise™

Evolon Enterprise™ delivers the core components of Evolon Edge™ in a near-edge, universally applicable, and camera-agnostic platform. Deliver dependable, in-the-moment information to security personnel and help prevent loss or harm.

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Evolon Verify™

Evolon Verify™ from Evolon is a complete AI-based video analytics system that identifies, classifies, and verifies potential security threats to enhance situational awareness and reduce false alarms for central stations and command centers.

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“Our customers depend on Evolon solutions to keep people and key assets safe—by preventing loss from criminal activity or business downtime… including coverage of large-footprint facilities that are difficult to secure with conventional perimeter technologies.”

Al Perez, President, Ariel Technologies

National Safe Skies Member

Evolon has been validated by Attack Research, a leading security firm specializing in advanced information security.

National Safe Skies Alliance and Attack Research