Evolon provides advanced, highly accurate perimeter surveillance technology for critical infrastructure protection and central station monitoring. The company’s award-winning edge-based video analytics and Evolon Verify’s AI and Deep Learning solutions provide real-time detection of objects of interest with fewer false alarms.

From the edge to the cloud, Evolon’s solutions are fully scalable for commercial and government organizations that require real-time situational intelligence to enhance security effectiveness and reduce criminal activity.

Evolon’s industry-leading video surveillance solutions include:

Evolon Edge™

Evolon Edge™ is a software solution created specifically to integrate with cameras from Axis Communications, providing edge-based, real-time detection of objects of interest with fewer false alarms. Edge delivers the widest range of perimeter coverage and deployment flexibility with fewer cameras and less infrastructure.

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Evolon Enterprise™

Evolon Enterprise™ delivers the core components of Evolon Edge™ in a near-edge, universally applicable, and camera-agnostic platform, instantly transforming legacy analog, HD, and IP cameras into highly accurate smart devices.

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Evolon Verify™

Evolon Verify™ is an AI-based video analytics system native to Immix central monitoring stations that proactively validates all inbound video events before they arrive in the command center, eliminating false alarms and providing accurate detection of objects of interest.

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To achieve the best possible results and eliminate virtually all false alarms, leverage Edge or Enterprise at the customer site while processing events through Verify at the command center, allowing your team of security personnel to avoid time-consuming distractions and focus exclusively on real events.