With Evolon Enterprise®, organizations benefit from edge-based, real-time detection of objects of interest with fewer false alarms.

Evolon Enterprise features a groundbreaking combination of robust object detection married to advanced artificial intelligence-driven object classification that helps to ensure alerting on only valid threats. With Evolon Enterprise, organizations benefit from the latest edge-based, real-time detection of threats with over 90% fewer false alarms, all delivered by a universally applicable camera-agnostic solution.

Evolon Enterprise

Key Features

  • Artificial Intelligence-driven Object Classification NEW
    Accurate and proactive detection and classification of objects and potential threats
  • Active Scene Management (ASM)® NEW
    Helps mitigate alerts caused by rain or insects attracted to camera IR
  • True Detect NEW
    Cuts through the noise caused by light events such as reflected light, vehicle headlights and glare
  • Dwell Detection
    Monitor an area of interest for loitering that is supposed to be cleared of all activity and trigger an alarm
  • Global Scheduler NEW
    Allows users to establish a universal schedule for all cameras on the server

Proven Threat Detection and Real-time Situational Intelligence

With Evolon Enterprise, organizations benefit from edge-based, real-time detection of objects of interest with fewer false alarms. Evolon’s advanced algorithms continuously assess activity in the camera’s view to accurately distinguish potential threats from false events.

Appliance Solution

The advanced two-step process of edge detection and classification with Evolon Enterprise is delivered via an appliance which enables organizations carefully manage capital outlays by leveraging their already significant investments in existing surveillance infrastructure.

Incredible Flexibility

Evolon Enterprise offers unparalleled flexibility and interoperability, delivering the core component of Evolon edge technology in a universally applicable, hardware-agnostic platform. Evolon Enterprise seamlessly plugs into most video management systems (VMS), automation platforms, or central monitoring systems (CMS).

Object and Threat Classification

Evolon Enterprise provides accurate and proactive classification of objects and potential threats (e.g., humans, vehicles). It leverages AI-deep learning algorithms and provides immediate alerts for verified threats plus data capture and accessibility for all events.

Flexible Pricing Model

Evolon Enterprise 2.0 is available at attractive monthly pricing inclusive of hardware costs. For information on pricing and availability, contact an Evolon representative at: sales@evolontech.com.


Appliance solution with compatibility with all platforms and all cameras. Designed to fit the unique needs and requirements of your surveillance system and scales with ease as your demands grow.

  • IP camera or analog platform compatible
  • Applies patented, Scene Synthesis™ technology, leveraging machine learning and other emerging capabilities
  • Operates on black-and-white, color, and thermal imaging security cameras for both wide-area and long-range detection