Evolon Edge®, a software solution designed to run natively on majority of Axis cameras, Evolon Edge ensures accurate and reliable detection with fewer false alarms.

Diverse environments rely on Evolon Edge for real-time Situational Intelligence, unmatched detection accuracy, and extensive range of performance, all while lowering infrastructure demands and operational costs. Evolon Edge’s patented technology is VMS agnostic and provides real-time event notifications with less false alerts for Axis fixed color or thermal IP cameras. Evolon Edge CP utilizes an Axis PTZ camera for auto-tracking of multiple targets, designed for large environments providing visual verification through optical zoom up to 2-miles.

Evolon Edge® CS

Key Features

  • Nuisance Detection NEW
    Filters repetitive alerts from a changing scene such as alerts sent by a defective camera, extreme weather conditions, or even a tarp blowing in the wind.
  • Masking of camera views
    Scene masking capability for focused surveillance to filter extraneous noise.
  • Active Scene Management® NEW
    Helps mitigate alerts caused by environmental conditions and insects.
  • True Detect
    Cuts through the noise caused by light events such as reflected light, vehicle headlights and glare.
  • Dwell Detection NEW
    Allows users to monitor an area of interest for loitering that is supposed to be cleared of all activity and trigger an alarm.
  • 4 pixels per foot detection
    Only 4 pixels on target required to identify objects.

Evolon Edge® CP

With the addition of a PTZ camera, Evolon Edge CP can track multiple objects throughout large environments controlled by one or many fixed cameras.

Key Features

  • Multi-sensor camera support NEW
    Compatible with multi-sensor cameras from Axis requiring only a single license.
  • Evolon Edge with PTZ auto-tracking option
    Optional PTZ auto-tracking zooms in and identifies far away objects.
  • Angular Scaling NEW
    Adds a focal scaling mode that allows users to work with a flexible focal target that can be moved anywhere on the screen when top to bottom scaling is not optimal.
  • Visually identify threats up to 2 miles
    Visual verification through optical zoom up to 2-miles.
  • Enhanced capabilities when cameras are paired
    Stitch several cameras together to scale and cover more ground.
Track targets identified up to one mile away by one or more cameras controlling a PTZ.

Enhances Situational Awareness
Evolon Edge significantly improves situational awareness for complex or busy scenes, by enhancing your camera’s capabilities allowing tracking of multiple targets or events by seeing through the noise

Reliable Threat Detection and Tracking
Evolon Edge provides highly reliable threat detection and accurate tracking of objects of interest with significantly fewer false alarms.

Increased Perimeter Protection with Fewer Cameras
Evolon Edge saves time and money requiring fewer cameras to cover significantly more physical area.

Easily Install and Configure on Your Axis Camera
Evolon Edge runs natively on most Axis cameras and can be easily configured via Google Chrome browser.

Flexible Pricing Model
Evolon Edge is offered in a CapEx or OpEx model to provide complete flexibility to meet your budgetary needs.