Dallas, TX, Release: July 17, 2020.  For Immediate Release

Evolon, the Dallas, TX-based provider of leading video and perimeter surveillance solutions for critical asset and infrastructure protection, today announced it has named Kevin Stadler its new Chief Executive Officer.

Most recently, Stadler was the CEO of 4R Systems, Inc., a Pennsylvania-based provider of advanced inventory and supply chain solutions that helped leading retailers significantly increase profits by optimizing their supply chain with predictive analytics. Prior to 4R Systems, Stadler was the Global Head of Customer Engagement at Symphony EYC, a leader in AI-enabled marketing, merchandising, and supply chain solutions provider that helps customers identify, activate, and realize opportunities for profitable growth in today’s highly competitive, omni-channel environment.

“I’m excited to join an organization that is so well respected and widely known for delivering advanced surveillance solutions,” said Stadler. “Advancing Evolon’s offering to the next stage of development means our customers will soon recognize a new generation of AI-powered solutions for real-time pre and post analytics.”

With its 3 industry-leading video surveillance solutions that span the Edge to the Cloud, Evolon offers a range of AI solutions that drive up camera recognition of events while driving down false alarms.

Evolon Edge™, which was created specifically for Axis cameras, provides edge-based, real-time situational awareness at mission-critical sites, ensuring accuracy and reliable detection with fewer false alarms for security personnel. Evolon Enterprise™ provides the core components of Evolon Edge in a near-edge, universally applicable, and camera-agnostic platform, delivering dependable, in-the-moment information to security personnel to help prevent loss or harm. Evolon Verify™ is a complete AI-based video analytics system that identifies, classifies, and verifies potential security threats to enhance situational awareness and reduce false alarms for central stations and command centers.

About Evolon

Evolon provides advanced, highly accurate perimeter surveillance technology for critical infrastructure protection and central station monitoring. The company’s award-winning edge-based video analytics and AI/deep learning solutions are fully scalable for commercial and government organizations that require real-time situational intelligence to enhance security effectiveness, and to reduce the potential for loss due to criminal activity or business downtime. Evolon was founded by a talented team of former engineers and scientists from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Los Alamos National Laboratory, with decades of national security experience in the design and deployment of advanced surveillance technologies. Evolon is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. For more information, visit www.evolontech.com.