Organizations have relied on video monitoring to keep their property and people safe for decades. As the cost of employing human operators continues to rise and tracking physical threats becomes increasingly complex, however, traditional approaches to video monitoring, analysis and response are quickly becoming outdated and ineffective.

Evolon’s end-to-end solutions help organizations of all sizes overcome these challenges with proven technology to ensure reliable and accurate front-end detection of potential threats, multiply the effectiveness of human operators by tracking multiple threats at once, and dramatically reduce false alarms. With beyond-human capability, solutions from Evolon identify, classify, and verify threats to bring corporate security solutions into the twenty-first century and help reduce burdens on human operators. 

Turn CCTV Cameras into Smart Sensors and Overcome Installation Issues 

Solutions from Evolon instantly turn legacy cameras into highly-accurate smart sensors.

Reduce Alarm Counts and Achieve New Efficiencies 

Evolon provides organizations the highest level of detection and classification accuracy to reduce alarm counts, improve operator engagement, and optimize resource allocation to increase operator efficiency and increase retention of skilled, experienced industry professionals.

Dramatically Reduce Your Infrastructure Requirements 

With Evolon’s ability to cover more ground, more effectively and with fewer cameras, less cabling, and more flexible implementation, sites can reduce perimeter security infrastructure to cut implementation time and costs.

Corporate Security

Corporate organizations of all sizes need help creating video security solutions that maximizes the effectiveness of human operators while minimizing infrastructure requirements and impact on their bottom line. Solutions from Evolon help you do just that.

Common Applications

  • Object tracking, classification, and verification  
  • Pairing with existing cameras or video surveillance appliances to improve effectiveness 
  • Integration with physical security software 
  • Long range and wide area monitoring 
  • Patented camera-to-camera communications  
  • Scene masking capability for focused surveillance

Integrated Solutions

  • Evolon Edge™ – Advanced on-edge video content analysis for critical infrastructure and perimeter protection
  • Evolon Enterprise™ – The proven near-edge solution trusted by high-value government and commercial sites
  • Evolon Verify™ – Advanced AI-based technology for rapidly identifying, classifying, and verifying security threats

To learn more about how Evolon improves corporate security monitoring effectiveness, performance, and profitability:

“False and nuisance alarms are by far the biggest challenge monitoring providers face and our integration with Evolon adds that extra layer of intelligence within our platform that can meet the challenge head on and beat it.”

Chris Brown, CEO, Immix

National Safe Skies Member

Evolon has been validated by Attack Research, a leading security firm specializing in advanced information security.

National Safe Skies Alliance and Attack Research