Evolon’s Verify solution addresses a problem that has plagued burglar alarm systems since the industry began—what to do about false alerts, which account for 98% of all burglar alarms.

Video Verification helped address this issue, by only slightly, reducing it by 3%, down to 95%. True, it has elevated the security industry by helping central monitoring stations and law enforcement better verify crimes that are in progress. It helps dispatched police better know if they are responding to a real event, making response times faster, threats addressed more quickly, and citizens get the help they need sooner.

“Evolon Verify™ is the first AI solution embedded in the Immix automation software platform to greatly reduce false alarms and maximize command center operators’ time.”

With traditional Video Verification systems, sensors and video analytics maintained at the edge—at the customer’s site—transmit video clips to central station operators. The 95% of false alarms are due to a number of factors, including antiquated cameras, animals, insects, inclement weather, light reflections, and an array of other, non-important events. And, of course, they are all carefully reviewed by operators, which is a time-consuming, unfruitful, and morale-defeating process. It means higher turnover and unnecessarily higher operational costs. Worse, it can reduce the effectiveness of operators by creating Alarm Fatigue, resulting in lowered concentration levels, inadequate service, and poor security. Evolon Verify is the answer.


Percent false alerts from burglar alarm systems 


Percent false alerts from video verification systems 


Percent false alert reduction using Evolon Verify 

Central Station Monitoring

Evolon Verify™ provides over a 95% reduction in false alarms by deploying AI and Deep Learning.*

With Evolon Verify, Immix users can be trained in minutes to respond to verified video alerts, providing Immix customers:

  • Unverified video alerts that, while they are reviewable, won’t require actions to be taken.
  • Verified objects of interest, which are given color-codes confidence scores (ex. red for persons, blue for vehicles).
  • Flexibility to use video analytics or motion sensors that send MP4 video clips.
  • The ability to set individual confidence thresholds that can be customized on a camera-by-camera basis.
  • Easy-to-use auditing capabilities to ensure accuracy on Original and AI-processed video clips.

The Evolon Management Console enables customers to:

  • Easily mask out any area, light, or other object using the Google Chrome web browser.
  • View the masking audit log to see any changes that have been made, including who made them, what they were, and when they were made.
  • Sort AI-verified sites and cameras to easily understand and monitor performance.
  • Use interactive metrics to see the classified alerts and generate reports for all or individual sites and cameras. Customized reporting includes e-verified and unverified person(s), vehicle(s), and the days, dates, weeks, and months of all alerts, verified and unverified.

* Results vary based on camera quality and are often higher using advanced edge analytics, such as Evolon Edge™ and Evolon Enterprise™.

Contact us to learn more about how Evolon improves central station monitoring effectiveness, performance, and profitability:

“False and nuisance alarms are by far the biggest challenge monitoring providers face and our integration with Evolon adds that extra layer of intelligence within our platform that can meet the challenge head on and beat it.”

Chris Brown, CEO, Immix

National Safe Skies Member

Evolon has been validated by Attack Research, a leading security firm specializing in advanced information security.

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