Evolon’s advanced video content analysis capabilities extend beyond traditional protection-oriented capabilities to provide organizations with actionable business and operational intelligence. Beyond-human object detection and classification ability automates previously manual tasks with greater reliability and works with existing infrastructure to illuminate a wide range of performance improvement opportunities.

Turn Existing Cameras into Smart Sensors

Solutions from Evolon instantly turn legacy surveillance cameras into highly-accurate smart sensors. Evolon’s advanced analytics also overcome installation issues associated with mounting, angles, height, and other constraints associated with alternatives.

Automate Actions When Conditions Compel Them

Evolon solutions pair with a wide range of IoT devices and systems to automatically initiate needed actions under defined conditions, powering speakers, opening/closing gates, triggering access controls, sounding alarms, and more.

Identify Patterns and Points for Operational and Business Improvements

Evolon’s object detection and classification capabilities allow organizations to gain new insights from video surveillance feeds to improve customer experiences, optimize operations, and allocate resources more effectively.

Business and Operational Intelligence

The range of business and operational intelligence possibilities Evolon enables is virtually limitless. The right combination of tailorable solutions give organizations information they can readily apply to extend competitive advantage and find new efficiencies.

Example BI Applications

  • Route and resource optimization 
  • Retail traffic footprint analysis 
  • Criteria-triggered event automation 
  • Metadata extraction and assessment 
  • Frequency and trend studies 
  • Investigative insights

Integrated Solutions

  • Evolon Edge™ – Advanced on-edge video content analysis for critical infrastructure and perimeter protection
  • Evolon Enterprise™ – The proven near-edge solution trusted by high-value government and commercial sites
  • Evolon Verify™ – Advanced AI-based technology for rapidly identifying, classifying, and verifying security threats

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