There are few assets more important to protect than utilities and our power grid. Whether it is electricity, water, or natural gas, the delivery of them affects every citizen. While many physical security technologies sold today can protect utilities against physical threats, they are cost-prohibitive solutions, even for utilities serving the largest of metropolitan areas.

Sure, radar, geospatial sensors, and laser imaging and detection are great at protecting high-value assets, but they come with a staggeringly high price point.

Then Evolon changed the game.

Evolon’s Advanced Video Analytics deliver the ultimate in physical security and at a fraction of the cost

Evolon’s team of advanced image processing experts cut their technological teeth at the U.S. Defense Department’s famed Los Alamos National Laboratory. In the early 1990’s, they designed President Ronald Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative known worldwide as Star Wars. Now, they have designed a video analytic solution for Evolon that is revolutionizing video security monitoring. In fact, it accurately detects objects up to 5 times farther away than traditional video monitoring systems.


Percentage of false alerts from burglar alarm systems 


Percententage of false alerts from video verification systems 


Percentage of false alert reductions

Utilities Security

Boundary protection and physical threat detection continue to be a huge concern for utility sites, especially as power grids become larger, more complex and more interconnected. Power generation and other utility sites can keep essential functions up and running and proactively respond to unanticipated breaches with Evolon’s complete system of video surveillance solutions:

  • Evolon Edge™ – Advanced on-edge video content analysis for critical infrastructure and perimeter protection
  • Evolon Enterprise™ – The proven near-edge solution trusted by high-value government and commercial sites
  • Evolon Verify™ – Advanced AI-based technology for rapidly identifying, classifying, and verifying security threats

To learn more about airport perimeter security solutions from evolon:

“False and nuisance alarms are by far the biggest challenge monitoring providers face and our integration with Evolon adds that extra layer of intelligence within our platform that can meet the challenge head on and beat it.”

Chris Brown, CEO, Immix

National Safe Skies Member

Evolon has been validated by Attack Research, a leading security firm specializing in advanced information security.

National Safe Skies Alliance and Attack Research