Security is quickly becoming a legal necessity for many Homeowners’ Associations (HOA) and property management companies to protect against liability and ensure compliance with State regulations. Property owners can be considered negligent if they allow a dangerous condition to exist on their property or fail to take reasonable steps to secure its property against criminal acts by third parties. Today, security is no longer an added amenity.

Traditionally, HOAs rely on hired security and video surveillance cameras monitored by professional monitoring companies or deploy CCTV cameras. However, this approach does not provide 24/7 coverage and video is only useful for after-the-fact forensics, providing little preventative measures. HOAs face some of the same challenges as corporate campuses with a requirement to manage a broad range of security concerns. Evolon’s use of advance video analytics and high-resolution IP-cameras generate alarms immediately alerting monitoring center personnel when an intruder enters common areas, gates or access points. And to adjust to the everchanging nature of local neighborhoods, HOAs can “arm” the cameras to only generate alarms during the time that amenities are not open to residents.


Percent false alerts from burglar alarm systems 


Percent false alerts from video verification systems 


Percent false alert reduction using Evolon Verify 

Homeowners’ Associations and Property Management Associations

Evolon Verify™ provides up to an 80% reduction in false alarms by deploying AI and Deep Learning.*

With Evolon Verify, Immix users can be trained in minutes to respond to verified video alerts, providing Immix customers:

  • Evolon’s Edge and Enterprise video analytics solutions turn CCTV Cameras into smart sensors
  • Evolon Edge™ – Advanced on-edge video content analysis for critical infrastructure and perimeter protection
    • Applies patented algorithms to accurately identify threats and filter out noise
    • Automatically detects hard-to-see events far beyond human capabilities
    • Supports the full range of Axis camera solutions
    • Deploys easily and quickly to reduce infrastructure costs and burdens
  • Evolon Enterprise™ – The proven near-edge solution trusted by high-value government and commercial sites
    • Applies patented, Evolon-developed Scene Synthesis™ technology, leveraging machine-learning and other emerging capabilities
    • Works with IP-network cameras and video surveillance appliances from all major manufacturers, including IP analog encoders, NVRs, and DVRs
    • Operates on black-and-white, color, and thermal security cameras for both wide-area and long-range detection
    • Flexible implementation supports multiple frame rates and camera resolutions

The Evolon Management Console enables customers to:

  • Evolon Verify™ – Advanced AI-based technology for rapidly identifying, classifying, and verifying security threats
    • AI-powered video event verification for Immix® central stations
    • Designed for easy implementation and use to significantly reduce false alarm counts, optimize personnel efficiencies, and drive growth
    • Evolon Verify delivers accurate human and vehicle classification with adjustable thresholds from camera video clips.
    • Provide operators with the actionable information they need to prioritize events and act in real-time.
    • Evolon Verify reduces alarm counts to improve operator engagement, resource allocation, and personnel assignments.
    • Native Immix InstantOn™ integration provides powerful AI deep learning functionality to existing Immix central station operations without the need for additional operator training.

* Results vary based on camera quality and are often higher using advanced edge analytics, such as Evolon Edge™ and Evolon Enterprise™.

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