Because 98% of burglar alarms are false alerts, it comes as no surprise that they are assigned the lowest priority by law enforcement. And this doesn’t come as news to thieves and burglars. They plan theft with that information in mind, knowing that on average it takes law enforcement 45 minutes to respond to an unverified alarm. It’s a cat and mouse game, and the mice were winning until Evolon developed the next evolution of video alarm monitoring.

Evolon invented video analytics that reduce false alerts by orders of magnitude. With Evolon EdgeTM and Evolon EnterpriseTM, false alerts are reduced by 90%. You read that right—90%.

No question, the advent of video of monitoring and related analytics helped reduce the number of false alarms—from 98% to 95%–and provide law enforcement with more verified threat intelligence. They were able to provide faster response times, reducing them to approximately 10 minutes on average.  

However, and as evidenced by that 95% false alert rate, video monitoring was still problematic. Alerts are sent due to nonthreatening issues, including animal and insect movement, inclement weather, blowing leaves, lighting changes, distant vehicular movement, and more. And those rates of false alerts takes a toll on video monitoring center professionals. When 95% of alarms are false, it can be demoralizing to respond to false alert after false alert after false alert. And this Boy who cried wolf scenario means their senses are somewhat deadened and may mean they aren’t at-the-ready to provide the best possible service. This leads to higher employee turner and added costs.


Percentage of false alerts from burglar alarm systems 


Percentage of false alerts from video verification systems 


Percentage of false alert reduction

Commercial and Residential

The engineers and developers at Evolon have created security solutions that are perfect for protecting Commercial and Residential, whether for a single, standalone site or for thousands. Our innovative use of cutting-edge technologies, including AI and Deep Learning, helps stop crimes before they occur.

Our security solutions have Edge to Cloud capabilities that optimize accuracy, flexibility, and efficiency. They deliver real-time situational intelligenceTM and provide:

  • Unverified video alerts that, while they are reviewable, won’t require actions to be taken.
  • Verified objects of interest, which are given color-codes confidence scores (ex. red for persons, blue for vehicles).
  • Flexibility to use video analytics or motion sensors that send MP4 video clips.
  • The ability to set individual confidence thresholds that can be customized on a camera-by-camera basis.
  • Easy-to-use auditing capabilities to ensure accuracy on Original and AI-processed video clips.

And with the intuitive, easy-to-use Evolon Management Console, your video monitoring professionals can:

  • Easily mask out any area, light, or other object using the Google Chrome web browser.
  • View the masking audit log to see any changes that have been made, including who made them, what they were, and when they were occurred.
  • Sort AI-verified sites and cameras to easily understand and monitor performance.
  • Use interactive metrics to see the classified alerts and generate reports for all or individual sites and cameras.
  • Generate customized reports to include e-verified and unverified person(s), vehicle(s), and the days, dates, weeks, and months of all alerts, verified and unverified.

* Results vary based on camera quality and are often higher using advanced edge analytics, such as Evolon Edge™ and Evolon Enterprise™.

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