The diversity, proliferation, and adaptive nature of threats to infrastructural assets worldwide has continued to increase, and the consequences of non-performance in security environments are higher than ever. For nearly a decade, government and commercial entities around the world have relied on Evolon’s advanced perimeter surveillance solutions to help protect their critical assets and infrastructure.

Evolon’s patented Edge and Enterprise solutions are designed to meet the most challenging surveillance requirements with advanced DETECT-TRACK-NOTIFY-IDENTIFY capabilities that, until now, were not possible. Evolon systems are optimized for highly accurate, real-time threat detection and tracking, while simultaneously providing the highest degree of real-time situational awareness to first responders. Traditional video surveillance systems fall short of this measure.

Lower Infrastructure and Operational Costs

Video surveillance for critical infrastructure has historically been costly due to limitations in detection range and/or stand-off distances from traditional analytic systems. These systems generally require more cabling, lighting, and necessary infrastructure.  With Evolon’s solutions, detection distances are limited only by the selected lens focal length of the camera, with operating distances to one mile in range using commercial off-the-shelf camera systems. As a result, deployment costs can often be reduced by 50% or greater when compared to traditional systems.

Precise Detection Capability Optimized for Both Color and Thermal IR Cameras

Easily deployed on the edge with support for virtually all IP and legacy analog camera types, including both color and thermal IR camera sensors, Evolon solutions provide high accuracy perimeter surveillance capability that automatically detects hard-to-see events far beyond human capability, over wide areas and all ranges.

Continuous Wide-Area, Long-Range Situational Intelligence

Evolon solutions can’t be overwhelmed during complex or busy scenes, or in situations that require the ability to rapidly detect and track multiple intruders or events. Wide-area fixed field-of-view cameras are always on, with patented Scene Synthesis™  algorithms continuously assessing activity in the camera scene to accurately discriminate all potential threats from noise. Targets are prioritized and highlighted in operator screens and event metadata. Optional long-range PTZ cameras can be automatically controlled to precisely track detected targets.

Critical Infrastructure

Evolon allows those tasked with critical infrastructure protection to do more with less—fewer cameras, more data with fewer frames, less bandwidth and storage needs, and fewer unnecessary responses to false alerts. Click on the individual industries and application types below for more details on how evolon gets it done.

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“Implementing Evolon at the airports we help to secure has enabled us to reduce overall costs significantly for these facilities and provide them with higher levels of surveillance protection than they could ever get before.”

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Evolon has been validated by Attack Research, a leading security firm specializing in advanced information security.

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