Evolon Verify™

AI-powered video event verification for Immix® central stations

Evolon Verify™ is a complete AI-based video analytics system native to Immix central monitoring stations that quickly and proactively validates all inbound video events before they arrive in the command center, eliminating up to 90% of false alarms and providing accurate and reliable detection of objects of interest.

Evolon Verify is designed for easy implementation and use, enabling customers to cost-effectively improve operator engagement by removing false positives, allowing personnel to respond to genuine threats quicker with fewer resources.

Reduce False Alarm Counts

Evolon Verify reduces alarm counts to improve operator engagement, resource allocation, and personnel assignments. The operational and economic efficiencies achieved help you expand offerings and increase recurring revenue streams. 

Native Integration with Immix

Evolon Verify is natively integrated with Immix InstantOn™, providing powerful artificial intelligence and deep learning functionality to existing Immix central station operations, eliminating the majority of false alarms to the event panel. 

Optimize Command Center Teams

Evolon Verify quickly and proactively validates all inbound video events before they arrive in the command center, eliminating false alarms. By removing the distractions, Evolon allows personnel to focus on genuine threats and respond quicker with fewer resources.

Evolon offers a flexible pricing structure for its solutions, ranging from a monthly licensing fee to a one-time all-inclusive price. Customers get a quick ROI with significant cost reductions and personnel optimization. Evolon Verify is licensed on a per-camera basis for a monthly fee.


Video clips are transmitted to the Immix central station, at which point the event is logged as an alarm. The event is routed to Evolon Verify™ for event classification and qualification, and results are returned to the Immix environment as either “Verified” or “Unverified.”

  • Near real-time video event verification to meet SLA requirements
  • Logs both “verified” and “unverified” events for easy rapid access and review by central station operators
  • Analyzes video clips to identify and classify person or vehicle presence with user-specified confidence scores
  • On-premises, cloud, or hybrid cloud deployment options