Evolon Enterprise™ delivers the core components of Evolon Edge™ technology in a universally applicable, hardware-agnostic platform. Get dependable, in-the-moment information into the hands of first responders and to help prevent loss or harm.

Turn Dumb Cameras into Smart Sensors

With Evolon Enterprise, legacy cameras instantly become highly-accurate smart sensors with no need for additional lighting or hardware.

Detect and Track Intrusions Accurately and Reliably

Ensure certain and fast identification of threats, even in harsh environments and tough weather conditions.

Scale from One to Thousands of Cameras

Evolon Enterprise is designed to fit the unique needs and requirements of your surveillance system and scales with ease as your demands grow.

Solution Summary

For nearly two decades, diverse government and commercial environments have relied on Evolon solutions to help protect their sites while significantly lowering infrastructure and operational costs. Our advanced algorithms continuously assess activity in the camera’s view to accurately determine potential threats from false events.

Environmental conditions and scene activity are captured during camera setup and calibration with simple auto-learn functions, enhancing detection sensitivity and performance over a wide range of operating conditions. Detection distance is limited only by cameras’ focal length.

  • Applies patented, Evolon-developed Scene Synthesis™ technology, leveraging machine-learning and other emerging capabilities
  • Works with IP-network cameras and video surveillance appliances from all major manufacturers, including IP analog encoders, NVRs, and DVRs
  • Operates on black-and-white, color, and thermal security cameras for both wide-area and longrange detection
  • Flexible implementation supports multiple frame rates and camera resolutions