Created for Axis cameras, Evolon Edge is Evolon’s highly advanced, edge-based video content analytic that provides real-time situational awareness to operators and first responders, helping organizations better protect mission-critical sites and essential assets and ensuring accurate and reliable detection with fewer false alarms.

Greater Coverage Provides Higher Situational Awareness

Evolon Edge delivers the widest range of spatial coverage and deployment flexibility, enabling improved situational awareness with fewer cameras and less infrastructure.

Reliable Threat Detection and Tracking

Evolon Edge significantly improves situational awareness for complex or busy scenes, and in situations that require the ability to rapidly detect and track multiple intruders or events.

Embedded Edge Application Deployment

Edge-based architecture overcomes the limitations of centralized intelligence, reducing bandwidth and storage consumption, system cost, and complexity. Enables truly scalable and simplified deployments.

Solution Summary

Diverse environments rely on Evolon Edge for real-time situational awareness, unmatched detection accuracy, and extensive range of performance, all while lowering infrastructure demands and operational costs. Evolon Edge CS adds real-time event notifications for fixed color or thermal IP cameras, while Evolon Edge CP adds auto tracking of multiple targets with PTZ camera control.

Evolon Edge has changed the game for perimeter monitoring, where less is more by leveraging artificial intelligence to identify vehicle and person forms through all the typical camera noise. As an embedded solution to Axis cameras, the Evolon Edge solution is easy to deploy, install, and manage, providing superior quality and results to traditional video alerts.

  • Applies patented algorithms to accurately identify threats and filter out noise
  • Automatically detects hard-to-see events far beyond human capabilities
  • Supports the full range of Axis camera solutions
  • Deploys easily and quickly to reduce infrastructure costs and burdens
Eagle-i Edge Deployment Options