Evolon Edge™, a software solution created specifically to integrate with cameras from Axis Communications, provides edge-based, real-time detection of objects of interest with fewer false alarms. Edge delivers the widest range of perimeter coverage and deployment flexibility, significantly improving the ability to rapidly detect and track multiple individuals or events by adding IP-controlled PTZ cameras.

With Edge, every camera provides increased accuracy and reach, so fewer cameras are needed to provide top-tier perimeter defense. And with accurate identification of threats at long ranges – up to one mile or more – even in harsh weather conditions, Edge greatly reduces the number of false positives that arrive at the command center.

Reliable Threat Detection and Tracking

Evolon Edge delivers the widest range of spatial coverage, allowing you to track targets identified by one or more cameras controlling a PTZ with optical zoom capabilities for enhanced threat detection.

Greater Coverage Provides Higher Situational Awareness

Evolon Edge significantly improves situational awareness for complex or busy scenes, and in situations that require the ability to rapidly detect and track multiple intruders or events.

Increased Perimeter Protection with Fewer Cameras

Evolon’s Edge-based architecture enables truly scalable and simplified deployments, reducing system costs and complexity. With accurate threat detection at ranges of up to one mile or more, Edge allows you to cover more ground with fewer cameras.

To achieve the best possible results and eliminate virtually all false alarms, leverage Edge or Enterprise at the customer site while processing events through Verify at the command center, allowing your team of security personnel to avoiding time-consuming distractions and focus exclusively on real events.

Evolon offers a flexible pricing structure for its solutions, ranging from a monthly licensing fee to a one-time all-inclusive price. Customers get a quick ROI with significant cost reductions and personnel optimization.


Significantly improve situational awareness for complex or busy scenes.

Track targets identified up to one mile away by one or more cameras controlling a PTZ.

Real-time object detection reduces false alarms by eliminating camera noise like insects and raindrops.


Evolon Edge™ CS

Embedded solution for Axis fixed thermal or color IP camera

  • Detection sensor for real-time event notifications
  • Continuous wide-range and long-range coverage
  • Far fewer false alarms

Evolon Edge™ CP

Embedded solution for Axis fixed camera controlling PTZ

  • Real-time zoom and track multiple targets identified by a fixed camera
  • Visually identify threats up to 1 mile away
  • Enhanced capabilities when cameras are paired