Companies have relied on video monitoring services for decades, but as the cost of employing command center personnel continues to rise and tracking physical threats becomes increasingly complex, traditional approaches to corporate security that utilize video monitoring, analysis, and response are quickly becoming ineffective.

Evolon’s end-to-end video surveillance solutions help organizations of all sizes overcome these challenges with proven technology to ensure reliable and accurate front-end detection of potential threats, increase the effectiveness of command center personnel by tracking multiple threats at once, and dramatically reduce false alarms. Solutions from Evolon identify, classify, and verify threats to bring corporate security solutions into the 21st century.

Turn Legacy Cameras into Highly-Accurate Smart Devices 

Solutions from Evolon instantly transform legacy analog, HD, and IP cameras into highly accurate smart devices that see through all the noise to detect objects of interest with no need for additional lighting or hardware.

Reduce Alarm Counts and Achieve New Efficiencies 

Evolon provides organizations the highest level of detection and classification accuracy to reduce alarm counts, improve operator engagement, and optimize resource allocation to increase operator efficiency and increase retention of experienced industry professionals.

Dramatically Reduce Your Infrastructure Requirements 

With the ability of Evolon’s solutions to cover more ground more effectively with fewer cameras, less cabling, and more flexibility, sites can reduce perimeter security infrastructure needs to reduce implementation time and costs.

The Evolon Advantage

Providing edge-based, real-time detection of objects of interest with fewer false alarms.

Instantly transform legacy analog, HD, and IP cameras into highly accurate smart devices.

Proactively validate all inbound video events, eliminating false alarms at the command center.

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