Evolon addresses a problem that has plagued the security industry since the invention of the burglar alarm: what to do about false alarms, which account for roughly 98% of all alarms.

Video verification technology helped mitigate that issue, but only slightly, reducing false alarms by 3% to 95%. It is a fact, however, that video verification has elevated the security industry by helping command centers and law enforcement better verify crimes that are in progress and improving response times.

Evolon Verify™ is a complete AI-based video analytics system native to Immix central monitoring stations that quickly and proactively validates all inbound video events before they arrive in the command center, eliminating up to 90% of false alarms and providing accurate and reliable detection of objects of interest.

Evolon Verify is designed for easy implementation and use, enabling customers to cost-effectively improve operator engagement by removing false positives such as light reflections, animals & insects, and inclement weather, allowing personnel to respond to genuine threats quicker with fewer resources.

Analyze and Classify Threats Quickly

Evolon Verify delivers accurate classification of objects of interest with adjustable thresholds from camera video clips, providing operators with the actionable information they need to prioritize events and act in real-time.

Reduce Alarm Counts and Achieve Efficiencies

Evolon Verify reduces alarm counts to improve operator engagement, resource allocation, and personnel assignments. The operational and economic efficiencies achieved help you expand offerings and increase recurring revenue streams.

Accelerate Performance

Native Immix InstantOn™ integration provides powerful AI and deep learning functionality to existing Immix operations without the need for additional operator training.


Percentage of false alerts generated by burglar alarm systems 


Percentage of false alerts generated by standard video verification systems 


Percentage of false alerts reduced by Evolon Verify 

Evolon Verify™

With Evolon Verify, Immix users can be trained in minutes to respond to verified video alerts, providing Immix customers:

  • Unverified video alerts that, while they are reviewable, won’t require action to be taken.
  • Verified objects of interest, which are given color-coded confidence scores (ex. red for people, blue for vehicles).
  • Flexibility to use video analytics or motion sensors that send MP4 video clips.
  • The ability to set individual confidence thresholds that can be customized on a camera-by-camera basis.
  • Easy-to-use auditing capabilities to ensure accuracy on Original and AI-processed video clips.

The Evolon Management Console enables Immix customers to:

  • Easily mask out any area, light, or other object using a Google Chrome web browser.
  • View the masking audit log to see any changes that have been made, including who made them, what they were, and when they were made.
  • Sort AI-verified sites and cameras to easily understand and monitor performance.
  • Use interactive metrics to see the classified alerts and generate reports for all or individual sites and cameras. Customized reporting includes e-verified and unverified person(s), vehicle(s), and the days, dates, weeks, and months of all alerts, verified and unverified.

* Results vary based on camera quality and are often higher using advanced edge analytics, such as Evolon Edge™ and Evolon Enterprise™

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The Evolon Advantage

Providing edge-based, real-time detection of objects of interest with fewer false alarms.

Instantly transform legacy analog, HD, and IP cameras into highly accurate smart devices.

Proactively validate all inbound video events, eliminating false alarms at the command center.

To learn more about how Evolon improves corporate security monitoring effectiveness, performance, and profitability:

“False and nuisance alarms are by far the biggest challenge monitoring providers face and our integration with Evolon adds that extra layer of intelligence within our platform that can meet the challenge head on and beat it.”

Chris Brown, CEO, Immix