Evolon’s Situational Intelligence® video surveillance solutions can help your security operation run more effectively by turning video content into precise, actionable data, enabling security teams to focus only on the few, critical events that really matter.

Evolon’s systems operate in the cloud, on-premise, or on-device at the edge, with the precise ability to detect, track, and classify objects and features from video content to deliver real-time situational intelligence for corporate security and central monitoring stations.

Turn Existing Cameras into Smart Devices

Situation Intelligence® solutions from Evolon instantly turns legacy surveillance cameras into highly accurate smart devices, eliminating more than 90% of false alarms.

Classify and Prioritize Event Data for Operators

Evolon’s solutions allow central stations to select which sites and cameras to enable and determine the right thresholds of confidence to optimize each surveillance environment.

Trigger the Appropriate Real-Time Response

Evolon solutions pair with a wide range of IoT devices and systems to automatically initiate needed actions under defined conditions, such as opening/closing gates, triggering access controls, sounding alarms, and more.

The Evolon Advantage

Providing edge-based, real-time detection of objects of interest with fewer false alarms.

Instantly transform legacy analog, HD, and IP cameras into highly accurate smart devices.

Proactively validate all inbound video events, eliminating false alarms at the command center.

To learn more about how Evolon improves corporate security monitoring effectiveness, performance, and profitability:

“Our customers depend on Evolon solutions to keep people and key assets safe—by preventing loss from criminal activity or business downtime… including coverage of large-footprint facilities that are difficult to secure with conventional perimeter technologies.”

Al Perez, President, Ariel Technologies