Airport and transportation hub perimeter security has traditionally been both a costly and challenging endeavor. Miles of fencing surrounding runways and terminal facilities, as well as unique designs across different airports and stations, have forced operators to install large numbers of cameras at great expense.

As a National Safe Skies member, solutions from Evolon make airport perimeter and transit hub security far more effective and less expensive.

Evolon Edge™, a software solution created specifically to integrate with Axis cameras, provides edge-based, real-time detection of objects of interest with fewer false alarms. Edge delivers the widest range of perimeter coverage and deployment flexibility, significantly improving the ability to rapidly detect and track multiple individuals or events by adding IP-controlled PTZ cameras with optical zoom capabilities for enhanced threat detection.

Evolon’s Edge-based architecture enables truly scalable and simplified deployments, reducing system costs and complexity. With accurate threat detection at ranges of up to a mile or more, Edge allows you to cover more ground with fewer cameras.

When it’s your job to ensure the safety and security of thousands of people moving through your infrastructure at any given time, you need the peace of mind provided by Evolon’s award-winning surveillance solutions.

Airport Perimeter and Transit Hub Security

Airports and transit hubs of all types apply Evolon to improve perimeter protection and better secure logistics, transport, and other critical areas of operations. Their unique designs and individual security requirements can be addressed with Evolon’s video surveillance solutions:

  • Evolon Edge™ – Created specifically to integrate with Axis cameras, Edge delivers the widest range of perimeter coverage and deployment flexibility with fewer cameras and less infrastructure.
  • Evolon Enterprise™ – Instantly transform legacy analog, HD analog, and IP cameras into highly accurate smart devices.

To learn more about Airport Perimeter and Transit Hub Security solutions from Evolon:

“Implementing Evolon at the airports we help to secure has enabled us to reduce overall costs significantly for these facilities and provide them with higher levels of surveillance protection than they could ever get before.”

-Director of Aviation at a major airport